Weather Overview

Zambia has three mains seasons, warm and wet from December to April, cool and dry from May to August, and hot and dry from September to November.  The warm, wet season, also known as the rainy season, is a time of high humidity and frequent, often very heavy thunderstorms.  From May to August it can get quite chilly in the evening although the days are pleasantly warm.  It is advisable to bring a few warm clothes for the evenings.  The best game viewing time, September and October is usually very hot; there is certainly no need for jackets or fleeces! November can be variable, hot and building up to the rainy season.

During the rains a number of camps close down as remote roads become impassable. Some lodges do remain open for the Emerald season, and visitors can experience a very different Zambia, one that is green, lush and very tropical.