Jobs in Zambia

The majority of expatriate positions in Zambia include the mining sector and related industries, tourism, healthcare, agriculture and subsidiary industries, as well as NGO workers and volunteer or missionary work. 

Unemployment rates are high, and a large percentage of the population continues to live below the poverty line. Almost all unskilled and service work is done by local Zambians and there is little chance that a foreigner without valuable skills will get an employment permit.  

Expatriates working in Zambia require a valid employment permit. Information about permits can be found on the Zambia Immigration Website.  All applicants, except for Government employees, volunteers, missionaries and investors, can only apply for a permit whilst the applicant is outside the country. 

The biggest problem with couples and families living and working in Zambia is that the partner, unless they hold their own permit, is not allowed to work.  There are a number of societies and organisations to meet up with other people in a similar situation and hopefully get involved.