Zambia Regional Overview

Zambia is a landlocked country in south-central Africa with eight neighbours, Angola, D R Congo, Tanzania, Malawi, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Botswana, and Namibia.  The country covers an area of 752 614 Km2, equal to Germany, Austria, Belgium, The Netherlands, Switzerland and Hungary combined.

Most of the country is a plateau ranging in altitude from 900 m to 1 525 m (3 000 to 5 000 feet) the reason why the temperatures are cooler, more sub-tropical, rather than tropical,  and the valleys, the Luangwa Valley and the Zambezi Valley, are much hotter than the rest of the country.

Tourism is a major income generator for the country with more and more companies and lodges moving towards Eco-tourism and low impact tourism.  This beautiful destination has so much to offer.  The Luangwa Valley, birthplace of the Walking Safari, has spectacular birdlife and game.  Livingstone, the Zambian side of the mighty Victoria Falls, is the adrenalin capital of the country offering, amongst many other exciting experiences, bungee jumping, microlight flights, gorge swinging, riding elephants, and many more!  A bat migration in the Kasanka National Park, the greatest mammal migration known to man.  A wildebeest migration in the Liuwa National Park.  Fishing for tigerfish on the Zambezi River, relaxing on a houseboat on Kariba.  So many memories waiting to be made.  The only problem is, there is so much to do in this vast country, you will have to come back!

Bear in mind, the distances in Zambia are great, the areas of special interest are wide spread, and the means of getting from A to B quickly are not cheap but, this is Africa without the crowds.  No jostling with numerous other vehicles around a lion kill or being herded along following a coloured umbrella held aloft.  You could find yourself in a situation where it is your small group, an expert guide and an experience so thrilling it will have you holding your breath.  Remember, take your camera.  If there are no photos, it didn’t happen!